Sunday, 3 January 2016

Reflecting on 2015

Another amazing year has passed and I wanted to reflect on some of my favourite memories from 2015! Starting off with my favourite outfits. I didn't wear too much lolita this year and I realised a lot of my outfits were more otome style but nevertheless here are my top picks!

Reflecting on my favourite meetup this year, I had to choose the Valentine's day meet held at the Hello Kitty Cafe. I had such a great time matching with two of my absolute favourite people in cute ETC biscuit prints. The theme was twinning/matching and we pulled off a sweet biscuit trio with a dash of Valentine red!

Looking back at my purchases this year I still cannot believe that I managed to find my ultimate dream dress - ETC's Ballerina Rabbit. I'm so thankful to finally own this. Now I'll just have to work hard to fit in it! Second purchase that I was most pleased with is my bargain buy. JM's Rose Bouquet was something I picked up on the whim but for a tenth of the original price, I was delighted to win this new with tag dress. The print is very pretty and it was just in time for the Spring Flower meet we had!

Lastly, out of all the wonderful memories of 2015, I think the biggest highlight of the year was visiting Sydney with my sister and meeting so, so, so many of the gorgeous and friendly faces in the Sydney community. I won't forget the friendships made and the fun I had; I'm so grateful that lolita has brought me closer to such lovely people! An added bonus was getting to wear otome fashion for the whole weekend~

I'm really looking forward to the surprises of 2016. I can't wait to make it another memorable year!

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