Sunday, 6 March 2016

Annual Strawberry Meet

My first meet of the year was the very popular annual strawberry picking meet held in the wonderful German little town of Hahndorf, about 45 minutes drive from the city centre. I love visiting Hahndorf partly to visit the well known strawberry farm, Beerenberg and also for the delicious German food served in numerous inn style restaurants and the little candy shops selling homemade fudge and international delicacies. 

Since I own absolutely nothing that is strawberry printed, I just went with a comfortable outfit with a new skirt I bought late last year. I suppose strawberry flavoured iced doughnuts is the closest I got to the theme! I added some strawberry colours with one of my favourite cardigans and some green socks for a hint of strawberry flavouring!

Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Amavel
Cardigan, socks: Dangerfield
Shoes: ASOS
Hat: Offbrand


  1. This outfit is really adorable, you look like a cute strawberry ♥

  2. You're cute! :3
    I love strawberry <3